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Your health can either be your greatest asset or your biggest burden. Here at Komyuniti Wellness, however, we are proud to help people all over Richmond and surrounding Melbourne suburbs the support and knowledge they need to get their lives back on track. Our philosophy is simple; true health occurs when our minds and bodies work together in harmony. By using a personalised, holistic approach, we restore this harmony and help our clients live their best lives.

Experience our tranquil health studio

Designed to make you feel completely at ease from the moment you arrive, our wellness clinic is the ideal place to begin your health journey. Built from sustainable, chemical-free materials and designed to offer sanctuary from the busy outside world, our space encompasses our philosophy of working with the environment to overcome physical and mental ailments.



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We use holistic therapies to treat a range of health issues

When the body and mind are both healthy and working together, this is when we thrive. Our goal at Komyuniti is to help you overcome your health struggles by using a range of highly effective, holistic therapies. Over the years, we have had clinical experience working with clients to assit there:



Gynaecological issues

Digestive issues

Immune System

Stress, anxiety and depression

Muscular problems

Our range of holistic treatments include:

Chinese Medicine ­



Remedial Massage




Treatment plans designed for you and you only

Put your trust in our experienced practitioners

Throughout your health and wellness journey, it’s important that you feel completely comfortable and at ease with your practitioner. For us here at Komyuniti, emotional and physical support are equally as important, allowing you to completely put your trust in our team.

Our experienced practitioners are fully qualified and accredited in their chosen fields. Highly respected and revered for their commitment to client outcomes, you can feel at peace knowing that your health is their number one priority.



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If you’re struggling to overcome chronic health issues, Komyuniti’s personalised approach can help.

At Komyuniti, we provide HICAPS services, which means you can claim instant rebates from your Private Health Fund. All of our practitioners are registered healthcare providers, and their services are registered with all of the major healthcare funds.

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