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Enjoy the Benefits of Melbourne cupping at Komyuniti Wellness Clinic

At Komyuniti Wellness, we believe a holistic approach to health can transform your mind, body and soul. For this reason, our Fitzroy based clinic offers highly effective cupping therapy, performed by qualified and highly trained practitioners. With the ability to enjoy many different physical and emotional benefits, our approach is personalised to your needs, ensuring you receive the ideal treatment to overcome any issue you may be facing.


What is cupping?

Cupping is a traditional Chinese practice that involves placing glass or plastic cups on your skin to generate blood flow and release toxins from the body. This holistic method has been used by different cultures dating back thousands of years which was used to offer a wealth of benefits to the mind and body.







How cupping can benefit your health?

There are many reasons why people all around the world have used cupping as part of their health journey for thousands of years. In many cases, cupping has been used for the management of a range of conditions, such as:



Improving immune function

Lower back pain

Neck and shoulder pain.

Lower blood pressure.

Skin problems

Anxiety, depression and insomnia


(A.M.N. Al-Bedah et al, 2019)

The research and mechanisms of action of cupping?

Recent research literature summarised the main explanations for the mechanisms of action on how cupping provides it health benefits.

Pain – Gate theory – The cups placed in an area of the body influences the neuropath ways of how pain is interpreted by the brain.

Release of Noxious Oxide  – Noxious Oxides is regulating molecule that regulates blood flow and volume. Cupping releases Noxious Oxides in the skins surface, which assist in, regulate blood pressure and the immune system.

Activation of the immune system – Cupping regulates molecules within white bloods cells which are important in our immune response activation to virus and bacteria affecting the body.

Reflex Zone Theory –  In conventional medicine it is acknowledged that external signs can be detected in close proximity to the an internal organ that is diseased. So when cupping is used on the affected area of the skin it activates the skin’s receptors and increases blood circulation and supply  to the skin and the organ thru the shared neural connections.

Blood Detoxification – When testing the venous blood and the blood extracted from the cupping.  Studies have shown an increase in heavy metals such as mercury, aluminium, sliver and lead in the blood extracted from the wet cupping.

(A.M.N. Al-Bedah et al, 2019)




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Why choose our holistic wellness clinic?


Here at Komyuniti Wellness, we believe that viewing and treating the body as a whole being is the key to achieving optimal health. Our team of qualified therapists range from Naturopaths to Myotherapists, Acupuncturists and experienced Chinese Medicine practitioners. Together, we work towards providing a personalised treatment plan that doesn’t simply treat the symptoms of your health issues, but intentionally treats them from their root cause.




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