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Chinese Herbal Medicine

The Chinese herbal medicine approach used at komyuniti is based on a 220AD text called the treatise on cold damage disease compiled by Zhang Zhong Jing. It is amongst the oldest medical textbooks in the world.

Why choose Komyuniti and why are we different in our approach to using Chinese herbal medicine?

The Chinese herbal medicine approach that our practitioners use within our  clinic is different to the standard approach often used in most other clinics. At komyuniti we use classical herbal formulas also known as Jing Fang. This form of herbal practice is based on a systematic approach to herbal formulas taken from the ancient medical text published in 210AD by Zhang Zhong Jing, titlied the Shang Han Lun (Treatise on Cold Damage) and Jin Gui Yao Lue (Prescriptions from the Golden Cabinet). This clinical medical text contains strategies and formulas that are precise and effective in the treatment of today’s commonly presented diseases.

Treatments used in Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine offers an incredibly diverse range of therapeutic practices, like acupuncture, Chinese herbs in capsule, powder, or tinctured form, moxibustion, cupping, gua sha, massage, and dietary advice.

What to expect

At Komyuniti, our approach to Chinese medicine and acupuncture is all about the individual. Typically, our consultations run for an hour. Through the session, we’ll examine you and create a case history, examining your pulse, tongue, and abdomen. Once you’re diagnosed, we correlate the information into a treatment plan that is designed specifically to enhance your health and wellness. Treatment is considered safe. But as with all other health treatments. Possible associated adverse reactions may occur.


What is the quality of the herbs used?

At Komyuniti we provide our clients with the highest quality and potent Chinese herbal products. Empirical Health is an Australian owned company that is socially responsible and environmentally conscious. They are the only Chinese herbal medicine company in Australia approved as an Australian Certified Organic Processing facility.  The herbs that are sourced have been tested for over 400 pesticides and have undergone a rigorous and independent three-tier testing process. In addition, they are also extensively tested for heavy metals and comply with Australian standards.

How does the Shang Hang Lun system work?

The Jing Fang herbal approach uses a 6 division system of diagnosis and treatment. A person’s signs and symptoms are categorised into one or multiple divisions. The divisions have matching formulas which are then prescribed. This provides a precise and tailored treatment for the person and not the disease. Resulting in promoting the body’s natural ability to restore health and homeostasis.

Teachers and lineages of the Jing Fang / Shang Han Lun herbal systems.

Our practitioners have studied and are trained by the following teachers of the Shang Han Lun.

Arnaud Versluys – Institute of Canonical East Asian Medicine.

Professor Huang Huang – Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

Dr Feng Shi Lun – Chief Physician at the Minister of Health China-Japan Friendship Hospital Beijing



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At Komyuniti, we provide HICAPS services, which means you can claim instant rebates from your Private Health Fund. All of our practitioners are registered healthcare providers, and their services are registered with all of the major healthcare funds.


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