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What are the main types of Migraines and Headaches?


Headaches and migraines are mainly divided into two categories.


These are headaches that are not caused by another condition such as a migraine, tension or cluster headache.


These are headaches that can be the outcome of other underlying causes such as sinus congestion, irregular menstruation, temporomandibular disorder, medications or tumours.



At komyuniti our approach to assisting you begins with determining what type of headache or migraine you are living with – be it primary or secondary. We use our clinical skills and experience to look at your case as a whole and address the source not just the symptoms.


Our clinical natural approach for headaches and migraines at Komyuniti.


Our team lead by the clinic director Dr Daniel Ooi have developed an evidence based natural headache and migraine treatment strategy that is unique to komyuniti.


Our initial consult can last up to 60 minutes, this is so we can fully understand all the various causes and reasons that may be contributing to your headache and overall pain.


That’s why we have developed our unique treatment strategy that involves a three-step process.


Komyuniti’s Three Step Treatment Strategy to approach Headaches and Migraines Naturally


Step one: Detailed examination and assessment

Our ability to undertake a full assessment is vital for a successful clinical outcome.


Assessing your core muscles, joints, nerves, digestion and hormones is integral. We also analyse your overall stress levels and lifestyle choices as these can also be contributing factors that may cause headaches and migraines.


In this initial assessment you can expect:


  • A functional and orthopedic assessment of your musculoskeletal framework, not only of the neck and shoulders, to make sure we target all the correct muscles for treatment.


  • A series of questions that will help us uncover any other possible connected signs and symptoms. Investigating diet and lifestyle changes may give us vital clues into what may be contributing to your pain.


  • Medical pulse and Chinese Medicine diagnosis to target which areas of the body to be treated with acupuncture points. Acupuncture points may stimulate the correct neural pathways to signal messages that trigger the deactivation of the pain centers within the brain. (2)



Step Two: Identification

Through our thorough examination and tests, we will have worked out which muscles are to be treated, identified nerves that need to be targeted and neuropathways that are to be activated.


We would also use our expertise in eastern and natural medicine to identify internal imbalances specifically, inflammatory markers and lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your headache.


As an outcome of all of this we would provide you with an individualised combination of techniques and strategies to address your pain.


Step Three: Treatment and prescription

At komyuniti every client is unique and therefore our approach will vary and will be tailored to each individual. The treatments that are provided could range from:


  • Acupuncture therapy
  • Dry and trigger point needling
  • Motorpoint acupuncture
  • Electro stimulation acupuncture and needling
  • Cupping & Gua Sha
  • Soft and deep tissue release
  • Myofascial release
  • Mobilisation
  • Natural medicine and nutritional anti-inflammatory care
  • Stretches and rehabilitation exercises


By using the right combination of methods, we work to release muscles, restore musculoskeletal function and range of motion and mobility.


Our work will also move highly oxygenated blood into the target areas, regulate neurogenic inflammation and control systemic or local inflammation and deactivate the right pain centers within the brain. (2)


This comprehensive treatment plan will provide a complete approach to help manage headaches and migraines naturally.



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